September 20, 2015

Getting ‘grip’ on Business Information Management Organisation

As I mentioned I work as Business Information Manager (BIM) or Functional manager (what’s in a name) for a Dutch university. And as team coordinator for a team of 10. And we are up for a challenge. The team is changing, we already have two new colleagues. We have to manage more and more education systems. User groups are developing into more experienced users and growing in numbers. All this within an department which is being re-organised within an very quick changing organisation, the university, which also has an growing international character.

This to give an impression of the circumstances and the biggest argument for my (and our) challenge, get ‘grip’ on our Business Information Management team processes. I’ve recognized this situation of ‘loose sand’ a while ago, in time to act on in when my personal development goals were addressed. Therefor my focus for the coming year (September ’15 – Augustus ’16) will be on the following challenges.
  1. BIM Authorisation policy* 
  2. BIM BiSL maturity model  
  3. BIM Call handling policy* 
  4. BIM Communication policy 
  5. BIM Information security policy 
  6. BIM Test policy* 
  7. Department LEAN scan* 
  8. Department LEAN scan – Call handling 
  9. Department LEAN scan – Test process
* Already started

To help myself with all these projects, growth is important. I’ve signed up for the following courses: 1. LEAN green belt: I’ve finished the classes and our casus-project already. Now I’m working on the Masterclasses and waiting for the exam to get my International Green Belt certificate. 2. Supervise and manage effectively: this is a course I need to learn some techniques and tools to get people along in processes and projects. I always worked in commercial environments, a harder and more rigorous environment compared the bureaucratic, rigid and stiff environment of a state educational organisation. A new world I need to learn to manoeuvre in. This course starts in January 2016.

Via this blog I’ll keep you posted on the challenges and adventures I encounter.