January 03, 2015


As 30 something I’m functional manager of a student registration system for a Dutch university and team coordinator of a team of 8. I work full time and what they call a workaholic.

Before my job at the university I worked in the commercial world of business events. A lot of our projects where in assignment of provincial and national government. A great five years traveling through the country and Europe working in diverse fields of work and with even more diverse people. I got this job for my insane organisational skills, project based (Prince2), structured and lean way of approaching my work.

Also I’ve worked as functional manager for a software developer in the European financial market. This following my bachelor degree in Information services and management.

All the education, experiences and network I use in my current job as functional manager at the university. Our team is the spider in the educational support web. A very cool position to hold within the organization.

I like to call my work ‘Imagineering’. I can really find myself in the philosophy of Imagineering which is, in my believe, the art of user experience. For my work as event manager and now as functional manager I use the same concept: User experience is the key! Whether you organize an event for a client or manage complex system functionalities for various target groups, in both cases you want the user experience to be a positive one. And that the client gets the interaction of and with the user which is expected and desired.

Follow my articles on Imagineering so I can introduce you to my practical application of this philosophy.